Preformed material and insulation plates

Our company has been established for over 40 years, specialising in thermal and acoustic insulation withvast experience in the food, wine, chemical and refinery industries and recently in the new growing field of alternative and reusable energy. Our success is due to our commitment to our clients, both existing and new. We are now proud to offer added value to our customers by the purchasing of new sheet metal facilities equipment which allow us to produce a high volume of preformed steel and aluminium cladding to fulfil our clients’ needs for their insulation projects.

All of our manpower is of the highest standard and we have rigorous quality control procedures.

Thanks to our experienced team of professionals we can supply preformed sheet metal cladding cut and rolled to suit all pipe sizes and insulation thicknesses ready for use, ensuring easy instalment and visual perfection.


Beyond our workers’ training in safety, it’s our vision to be a key player both in the Italian and in the international market by expanding our activities and geographical presence. It’s also our aim to increase our level of expertise and competence and to offer even more comprehensive services to customers.

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Working Sectors

The Coifer srl works in the field of civil and industrial insulation, with regard to the following areas:

  • Food industry
  • Zootechnical industry
  • Chemical and Petrolchemical industry
  • Building industry
  • Energy industry


  • Glass/Rock wool panels
  • Felt
  • Ceramic fiber
  • Rockwool pipe
  • Glasswool pipe
  • Elastomer foam sheet
  • Polyurethane foam pipe
  • Foamglass pipe
  • Polyurethane foamed in-situ
  • COIFER Srl

  • Company

    Skilled labour trained in technological innovation and safety, the best steel and aluminium suppliers, high quality certified insulating materials and our new fully automated cutting lines are the strengths of Coifer srl. From our leadership status in industrial thermal insulation projects on turnkey basis, in a perspective of diversification of our business, we propose ourselves today as your trusted partner for the sole supply of insulating materials and preformed sheet metal cladding.